My five other favorite annuals


My other 5 favorite annuals are the base of annuals plantings. They are the spaghetti the meatballs are put in. The Ice cream the cherry goes on top of. They are the base because they all are easy to grow, fill in nicely and bloom continually through the summer.

Marigold: Love sun, many yellows and oranges some with red. 6″ to 3′

Begonia: Like shade but will take sun, red pink and white flowers green or burgundy leaves 6″ to 12″

Impatiens; Like shade to some sun, flower white, pink, red, salmon and color in between, 8″ to 18″ tall. New Ginny  varieties are getting more popular because of some soil problems.

Petunias: Love sun, white, pink, red, burgundy, yellow almost black and stripped, 10-18″ tall.

Geranium: Love sun, red, pink, purple and white flowers, 12-18″ tall


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