Fall Splash of Color



Sweet Autumn Clematis: This scrambling vine, fast grower, big for a clematis, solid green in color, fragrant 1/2″ – 3/4″ white flowers in fall. Best in cool, rich, not-too-acidic soil, positioned with its head in the sun. This vine will last for years and years.


Mums: Fall-blooming perennial with lots of colors from which to choose white, bronze, orange, pink, burgundy. While this is a perennial, don’t get your hopes up for the next year if you plant late in this year.


Aster: Colors range from light pink and deep purple. This is a perennial and will come back year-to-year, but might not last very long. Likes sunny, well-drained areas.


Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ or any of the fall flowering types: This succulent leafed perennial starts to flower in late summer and holds its flower heads late into the year.


Flowering Kale: A tough annual with cabbage-like foliage in shades of purple, lavender and/or metallic green. Holds its form and color, even after some frost. (annual)


Anemone (Windflower): This plant was very popular in the Victorian era. Striking pink or white flowers in late summer and fall. Is a little slow to develop or transplant, so plant now to get spectacular plants in 3 or 4 years. A robust perennial when situated in sun or part-sun.


Ornamental Peppers: Can add  a fun spicy flash to the fall garden. (annual)


Pansies: Good for early spring, good for later in fall. (annual)


Purple Fountain Grass: Can soften bed line and give a contrast to light or pastel colors. (annual)


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