Landscape and Gardening Tips – August

What our Pro’s are doing:

Hawks Landscape Designers and Installation Crews:

  • Our landscape installation crews are busy seeding or sodding new lawns. Mid-August through late September is the best time of the year for this type of work as the weather is more cooperative.
  • Our landscape designers are working on end of season designs for those that still wish to get their landscapes in this season to be enjoyed immediately in spring.

Hawks Landscape Maintenance staff:

  • Our Arborists will continue doing tree pruning and removals (but will not do any pruning on Oaks and Elms).
  • They will also stop fertilizing trees and shrubs this month so they can harden off in time for the winter. They will resume fertilizing in late fall, after Oct. 15.
  • Our plant bed maintenance crews will continue to deadhead perennials and roses to get additional colorful blooms.
  • They will also do some final pruning on woody plants and evergreens, stopping mid to late month, not doing any more this year until after frost.

You should:

  • Make sure all garden plants including your trees and shrubs receive at least 1″ of water per week. Early morning or late afternoon (not evening) are the best times to water. Water at the base of the plant on younger and newer plants, at the drip line on older plants. Try not to get the foliage wet. A layer of mulch will help conserve soil moisture for your plants.
  • Plant lettuce, spinach, radishes and peas for a great fall harvest.
  • Continue to water and fertilize your annuals and vegetables.
  • Cut flowers and herbs for drying.
  • If your plants have been getting adequate water, you can start dividing and transplanting perennials in the middle of the month if needed.
  • Please note: The timing on many of these tips is approximate and can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. If you have any questions, please contact a Hawks Landscape Designer or Maintenance representative at 414-258-5525.

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