Landscape and Gardening Tips – December

What our Pro’s are doing:

Hawks Landscape Designer and Installation Crews: ·      Our landscape designers are working on creating landscape plans for spring.  Winter is a great time to plan next years’ landscape projects.  Hawks Landscape Maintenance staff:·         Our Arborists are out pruning oaks, elms and maples.  These trees should only be pruned in the winter months to avoid potential disease issues with the trees.

You should:

  • Check trees and shrubs for rabbit, mouse and deer damage and take action.
  • Don’t forget about your house plants during the holidays. If they have been moved away from sunny windows, reduce watering but check them weekly.  After the holidays, return them to their sunny spots and check for insects.  Treat quickly before the problem spreads.
  •  Start forcing paper whites in early December for Christmas blooms.
  • Place your Poinsettia in a cool area (60-65 degrees) with plenty of bright light. Keep soil lightly moist at all times so leaves don’t drop.  Never leave water standing in the drainage tray.

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