Landscape and Gardening Tips – November

What our Pro’s are doing!

Hawks Landscape Designers and Installation Crews: ·      Our landscape installation crews will get the last of the spring flowering bulbs in the ground before it freezes and will continue to install landscapes.·      Our designers are gathering measurements and photos for those looking to have a landscape design done this winter and work with those looking to get a project installed before winter.Hawks Landscape Maintenance staff:

  • Our plant bed maintenance crews are busy this month getting landscapes ready for the upcoming winter. They will be:
    • Mounding hybrid roses with 12″ of loose soil or using rose collars to protect them for the winter.  Visit our rose care link Roses: Surviving Wisconsin Winters 
    • Applying WILT-STOP to broad-leafed evergreens, yews and pines to help reduce winter burn.  It will be applied when temperature stays above 32 degrees for 24 hours.  (Read directions for specific use on arborvitae or junipers.)
    • Covering perennials, bulbs and small fruit plants with evergreen boughs.
    • Winterizing young smooth-barked trees with tree wrap to protect them from sun scald (be sure to remove it by early April).
    • Protecting trees and shrubs prone to rabbit damage with cylinders of 1/2-inch hardware cloth before the ground freezes.  They will push the base of these cylinders into the soil to keep animals from burrowing underneath.
  • Our lawn care crews
    • Will begin applying the winterizing (last) step of our lawn fertilization program later this month and continue core aerating any remaining lawns.
    • They will also reduce their mowing height to 2-1/2″ for the last mow to help avoid snow mold and vole problems.
    • Our Arborists are beginning pruning work on oaks, elms and maples.  These trees should only be pruned in the winter months to avoid potential disease issues with the trees.

You should:

  • Water heavily all newly planted trees, shrubs and evergreens before the ground freezes.·
  • Select amaryllis, tulips, daffodils, paper whites etc. for winter forcing.·
  • Spray plants prone to deer damage with repellents every few months when temperatures remain above 40 degrees for 24 hours.

Please note: The timing on many of these tips is approximate and can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.  If you have any questions, please contact a Hawks Landscape Designer or Maintenance representative at 414-258-5525.

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