Landscape and Gardening Tips – September

What our Pro’s are doing:

Hawks Landscape Designers and Installation Crews:

  • Our Installation crews will continue to seed new lawns. September is a great time to seed grass for a thick, healthy lawn next year.
  • They will also begin to plant hardy bulbs for great, early spring color as well as start dividing and transplanting mature spring and summer-blooming perennials.
  • Other planting and hardscape-type work (patios, walls and walks) will continue as well this month.
  • Our landscape designers are working on end of season designs for those that wish to get the landscapes in yet this season to be enjoyed immediately in spring.

Hawks Landscape Maintenance staff:·      Our lawn care crews will be applying the fourth application of our 5-Step Lawn Fertilization program.  It includes a granular slow release fertilizer (with Iron) and a liquid broad leaf weed killer.

  • They will also begin core aerating lawns to reduce compaction, improve water and nutrient uptake by the lawn and create a greener, thicker lawn next year.

You should:

  • Move your tropical plants indoors before the first frost and apply an insecticide in advance.
  • Pick the herbs and flowers you want to dry before the frost.
  • Plant new iris rhizomes early in the month.
  • Cover vegetables with a floating row cover on cool nights to prevent early frost damage and extend your growing season.

Please note: The timing on many of these tips is approximate and can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.  If you have any questions, please contact a Hawks Landscape Designer or Maintenance representative at 414-258-5525.

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