Landscape and Gardening Tips – February

What our Pro’s are doing:

Hawks Landscape Designers: ·

  • Our landscape designers are busy planning this spring projects for their clients.  Our schedule for spring installations is starting to fill!

Hawks Landscape Maintenance staff:

  • Our Arborists are out pruning dormant trees.  Oaks and elms must be pruned only in the winter months to avoid potential disease issues.
  • Our Arborists are also pruning fruit trees, removing suckers, water spouts, crossing branches and crowded growth to open up the center of the tree to sun.
  • Our Horticulturists are continuing to assemble proposals for the care and maintenance of both residential and commercial properties.

You should:·

  • Knock down snow that may have piled up above your winter plant protection.
  • Start slow to germinate annual seeds such as impatiens, begonias and geraniums now.  Use new pots or trays.  You can purchase a heated tray or cable to speed up the germination process.
    Wash and sterilize pots and trays for transplants with a solution of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water.
  • Re-spray deer and rabbit repellents when temperatures remain above 32 degrees overnight.
  • Spray fruit trees with a limesulfer mix for higher quality fruit production as temperature permit .

Please note: The timing on many of these tips is approximate and can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.  If you have any questions, please contact a Hawks Landscape Designer or Maintenance representative at 414-258-5525.

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