Oak Wilt Plan Ahead

Oak wilt is a deadly disease that mostly attacks trees in the Red Oak family. White Oaks can be damaged by this disease but, often they will recover. This disease however, usually kills trees in the Red Oak family. It’s caused by a fungus that affects the vascular tissue of the tree. It clogs up the xylem of the tree and causes rapid decline, often leading to death. It’s spread by beetles that feed on infected trees and then fly to an uneffected tree and feed there. It also spreads from tree to tree by root grafting. Early warning signs are wilting of the canopy in the top of the tree, this wilting rapidly moves throughout the entire canopy. This disease can often be controlled by fungicide injections but, they work best when done as a preventative measure. Most of the time, when you see the start of the wilting in the canopy it’s too late to save the tree. So if you have Red Oaks in your yard and you are concerned about Oak Wilt you should consult a Certified Arborist. Pruning, if needed can only be done in the winter.

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