Plant tips for July

Landscape and Gardening Tips – July

What our Pro’s are doing:

Hawks Landscape Designers and Installation Crews:

  • It’s not too hot for installing plants, our installation crews don’t stop planting in the heat. The plants are much happier going in the ground then they are sitting above it in the nursery!
  • Our designers are busy too, planning projects for installation later in the season.

Hawks Landscape Maintenance staff:

  • Our lawn care crews will finish applying the third application of our 5-Step Lawn Fertilization program. It includes a granular slow release fertilizer (with Iron) and a liquid broad leaf weed killer.
  • Our Arborists are out treating birch trees for leaf-miner and borer.
  • Our plant bed maintenance crews will be removing spent blooms from annuals and perennials, removing the yellowed tulips and daffodil greens, as well as keeping landscaped beds weed free.
  • They will also be removing the fallen leaves from under flowering crab trees (those that we have not treated with a 2-year systemic fungus control). Removing these leaves will reduce future leaf fungus and disease.
  • Our plant bed maintenance crews will also be using a water soluble fertilizer on annuals and groundcovers about every other week this month.

You should:

  • Watch for dry spells and water plants and lawns as needed. Lawns should receive a minimum of 1″ of water per week.
  • Pinch flower buds on aster and mums for fall bloom.
  • Lightly cultivate between flowers to remove weeds and loosen the soil. This will also help with moisture retention.
  • Inspect your plants and lawn for insect and disease problems.
  • Cut petunias back by 1/2 to 2/3 and fertilize for a new flush of flowers.
  • Please note: The timing on many of these tips is approximate and can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors. If you have any questions, please contact a Hawks Landscape Designer or Maintenance representative at 414-258-5525.

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