Landscape and Gardening Tips for May

Landscape & Gardening Tips – May

What our Pro’s are doing:

Hawks Landscape Designers and Installation Crews:

  • Our designers and installers are working together creating outdoor spaces for residential and commercial clients from tree and shrub plantings to elaborate outdoor patio spaces.
  • Our installers are re-mulching existing landscape beds, if needed, with a 1″ topdressing of shredded bark mulch.

Hawks Landscape Maintenance staff:

  • Our lawn care crews will begin to apply the second application of our 5-Step Lawn Fertilization program which includes a granular slow release fertilizer (with Iron) and a liquid broad leaf weed killer.
  • They will also be mowing lawns weekly to a height of 3”.
  • Our Horticulturists are checking trees and shrubs for diseases and insect problems.
  • Arborists are checking and spraying for Pine Sawfly larva. Plus injecting and spraying for Apple Scab.
  • Our plant bed maintenance crews are pruning out winter damage on shrubs.
  • They are also busy deadheading daffodils and tulips. They won’t cut off the greens now however, as they are vital in regenerating the bulb for next spring.

 You should:

  • Install annuals and vegetables as the weather permits.
  • Harden off seedlings for your garden that have been started indoors. Move them outside each morning to a shaded, sheltered spot. Slowly increase time and light intensity.

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