Tree Care and Removal

Your trees are valuable assets of your property. Trust in the care of Hawks, specializing in all aspects of tree care. Expect nothing less than the highest quality of professional tree care, including Pruning Services (thinning, crown cleaning and tree cabling), Removals and Stump Grinding and Plant Health Care (disease and insect control).

As trees grow, they need direction. This can be accomplished through many types of pruning techniques. Specialized training and equipment, as well as an eye for what really needs to be done, are the tools that we use to complete our work. Pruning trees not only enhances the appearance of your landscape, it helps to maintain tree health and vitality. At the Hawks Nursery Company, we prune according to the highest standards of quality in our industry.

Removing trees on your property may become necessary for a variety of reasons. Depending on their size or location, removals may be dangerous, time-consuming and involve large equipment. We will discuss with you what we will be doing to remove your tree as well as keep the rest of your landscape from being damaged in the process. This allows you to be involved in the planning and have full knowledge of the operation at hand.
Stump Grinding
Stumps left from removed trees can be unsightly and hazardous. Hawks has the equipment and ability to safely grind out any stump to a depth of six to twelve inches below grade, (unless a utility or fixed object stands in the way). If needed, we will contact Diggers Hotline prior to any below ground work on a client’s property. As always, we strive to meet the needs of our clients by offering a service that includes the removal of stumps and surface roots as well as removing grindings, filling the hole with topsoil, applying grass seed and starter fertilizer, and mulching as needed.
Plant Health Care
Insect and disease problems in most cases are due to a tree’s inability to fight off the problem on its own. Often, The soil lacks the much-needed nutrients trees depend on. Diagnosing and treating the problem, not the symptoms, is key to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. We use a variety of proven products and application techniques in our treatments for optimal success.
Take advantage of having one of our arborists diagnose the health of your trees and shrubs any time of year. We offer site evaluations to both new and existing clients. Our arborist will evaluate all of the trees and shrubs on your property and make recommendations as to what may need to be done to maintain or improve their health.


  • “[Your arborist] did a wonderful job – our crabapple tree looks much better. He was very professional when dealing with our nagging, grouchy neighbor.”

    – Christine R., Milwaukee

  • “We received knowledgeable advice, prompt service, and work was done expertly. Thanks!”

    – Dale A., Wauwatosa

  • “[Your arborists are] very knowledgeable and trustworthy.”

    – Ed F., Brookfield

Hawks Peace of Mind Guarantee

We take the worry out of your landscape. Everything Hawks does for you will be done right and each step of the process will be easy to understand.

  • Your Hawks landscape design or maintenance program will be created by a graduate of landscape architecture, landscape design or horticulture.
  • You will work with one Hawks representative throughout the design, installation and maintenance of your landscape.
  • Your Hawks representative will choose the crew for your project and will be at the site to give design support and answer questions.
  • Your Hawks installers and maintenance team will be trained professionals, your fertilizer and pesticide applicator will be fully licensed to ensure professional results.
  • During your project, your Hawks representative will walk the site and explain maintenance procedures for the care of your new investment.
  • Your installation project will pass a ten point quality checklist before it’s considered complete.
  • Your two year Hawks plant and hardscape guarantee is one of the best in the industry.*
  • Hawks will keep in contact with you, offering monthly e-mail care information and helpful updates for your landscape.
  • We are always just one call away, offering a helping hand or explaining any questions you may have, just as we have been for well over 140 years.

* See contract for specific guarantee details.

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