The value of perennials in the garden

Flowering perennials are plants that die back to or near the ground each winter but, come back each year. One of the main features of flowering perennials is that they make the landscape more dynamic; a landscape with a variety of flowering perennials is always changing.  Through the spring and summer, you can look forward to something new from week to week.  Because they don’t bloom through most of the growing season as annuals do (2-3 weeks is common), it is very important with perennials to consider what they look like when they’re not in bloom. It is their variety in form, color and texture, in addition to their blooms, that make them so valuable in the landscape.  Ornamental grasses are also perennials, and add variety, texture and grace in the landscape.  Another feature of flowering perennials is their ability to fit in the spaces around and between larger plants, which make them great connectors between other garden elements.  While hardy perennials come back each year, they do require some maintenance.  The primary maintenance for perennials is cutting them back in the fall (some look their best with periodic cutting back through the season as well). A spring cleanup, including fertilization and topdressing bark mulch, is greatly beneficial.  Many perennials also need to be divided every few years to stay vigorous.  These are all services Hawks can provide for you and tailor a maintenance plan to your specific landscape’s needs.

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