What is a Landscape Architect?

Landscape Architects are professionals that design a variety of outdoor spaces such as residential landscapes, commercial landscapes, parks, botanical gardens and campuses . Landscape Architects typically have a college degree with extensive coursework in Botany, Geography, Horticulture, Hydrology, Soil Science, and Master Planning. In addition to a degree, one must train for two years under a Licensed Landscape Architect and pass a series of exams. Landscape architects work in tandem with architects, city planners and civil engineers to construct outdoor environments that serve several functions that range from residential, recreational to storm water management sites. Landscape architects are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of people who use the sites they build and are thus held to a higher standard of practice and scrutiny than the typical landscape designer. The State of Wisconsin recognizes this higher standard of education, ethics, responsibility and practice through a license. In the state of Wisconsin one cannot legally call themselves a “Landscape Architect” unless they have earned a license. Hawk’s Landscape has four licensed Landscape Architects.

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